GOG Considering Early Access System, But “It Would Have to be Curated.”

on May 19, 2014 6:44 AM

Digital distributor GOG is considering a similar system to Steam’s Early Access, but with a far more controlled approach, co-founder of CD Projekt Red and creator of GOG.com Marcin Iwinski has said.

We would definitely consider it, but… it would be the GOG way. It would have to be curated and, we believe – we are always saying this very openly – we are responsible in front of the gamer for what they’re buying on GOG.

Steam’s Early Access system has been the target of both praise and criticism. At its best it allows indie developers to interact with fans, get feedback and fund their game. At its worst it can be a glut of cash grabs and straight up scams.

Marcinski noted that while the hands off approach Steam takes has worked for the most part, there is definitely an argument for a more closed platform.

As you know our concept is different; first of all it’s DRM-free and second it’s curated. I’m often very lost in a lot of stores – apps being my example today. Or even Steam. I don’t know what’s happening; there’s hundreds of releases a month, and I really believe – and our community’s clearly showing that – there is a place for a platform which is choosing the stuff.