Snag the First Witcher Game for Free on GOG for a Limited Time

Snag the First Witcher Game for Free on GOG for a Limited Time is offering an awesome promotion for those that sign up for its newsletter, with a free copy of the first Witcher game as well as a GWENT card as a perk.

Recently, announced a new promotion for those that subscribe to the digital distribution platform’s newsletter. Those who sign up will receive a nice present in return, a copy of the first Witcher game.

According to the website, those who subscribe right now will receive a free digital code for The Witcher: Enhanced Edition as well as a GWENT Card Keg, free of charge. Of course, after you receive your goodies, you can choose to opt out of the newsletter. Although if you like picking up games at a discounted price, perhaps you should think twice before taking your email off the list. Especially considering hosts sales frequently, such as its past sale earlier this month, which featured over 150 of the site’s most wishlisted games and add-ons, with up to 85% in savings.

Initially announced at GDC 2008, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is as you probably guess from the title, an enhanced version of CD Projekt RED’s 2007 title The WitcherThe Witcher: Enhanced Edition contains a slew of technical upgrades, as well as a lot of new features not found in the original version. Several significant changes observed in the enhanced version includes more than 200 new animations, new models for NPCs, as well as well as the load screen times being reduced by 80%.

Although, fans of the series more than likely own the game. This promotion is a golden opportunity for those who played (and loved) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt who are interested in checking out Geralt of Rivia’s first adventure (and just so happen to have a PC that will run the game).