Going Back to Crash or Jak Is “Never off the Table,” But it Might not Play to Naughty Dog’s Strengths Right Now

on July 23, 2014 5:46 AM

Naughty Dog still considers both the Crash and Jak games to be strong contenders for new games, but given Naughty Dog’s current pedigree, older IPs might not be the best option, community manager Arne Meyer has said.

Speaking to IGN, he noted that Crash and Jak were “never off the table.” However, he noted the difference between the story driven games Naughty Dog produces now and the style of their older games.

Is it something that makes sense to us now. I mean we still have people that worked on the Crash games in the studio. We never forget our past and it’d be great for nostalgic reasons. It’d be the same reason as why there isn’t a Jak 4: I don’t know if it’s playing to our strengths right now.

What’s exciting everyone at the studio is continuing to work on narrative-driven games with strong characters.