Gold Mario amiibo Restocks Rumored to Ditch Store Exclusivity

on November 17, 2015 1:22 PM

One of the most rare and sought after amiibo has been the Gold Mario figure, available only for a short time near the launch of Mario Party 10 at WalMart retailers in North America. Recently, evidence has surfaced that would indicate that more Gold Mario figures are on the way to all retailers, not just WalMart.

Other “exclusive” amiibo figures have been restocked outside of their original stores, like Shulk and Greninja. Recent retail listings have shown that Gold Mario may no longer be a WalMart exclusive figure, and that other rare figures, including Ness and Meta Knight will be coming back to stores soon.

Food for Thought | On Nov. 8th at 7:53 p.m. @luke____baylor sent me a DM with the photo above. It’s apparently from Target; however I was too busy that day to verify the information off the display; hence the reason I never posted about it. With today’s news regarding Gold Mario it seems plausible. Great looking out Luke and thank you for sharing! I’ll try to look in Targets display to verify tomorrow. Either way the news is more “likely” than not, even if this is just a photo of the compatibility chart and isn’t actually confirming anything. Considering there are no real “exclusive” Amiibo, just “timed exclusives.” We learned this recently with Shulk, etc restocks. It’s a safe assumption all store exclusive Amiibo will eventually be available in other retailers. Just food for thought. 👍🏼😜 I’m not confirming anything just sharing my thoughts on today’s news. #Amiibo #Exclusives #Target #Nintendo #AmiiboHuntsman

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