Golden Key Exploit Patched In Borderlands 2

on September 21, 2012 10:30 AM

Gearbox Studios CEO and President Randy Pitchford is addressing many issues the game currently has on twitter. Last night I posted about SHiFT codes being posted in the near future, and now the infinite golden key exploit is being addressed with a patch. He’s pretty straightforward about the topic, stating that he understands why people partook in the exploit (“we get the temptation: doors unlocked, keys in the ignition”) and that no one will be punished for it.

It’s nice to see games get patched even if it’s early in the game’s life cycle, Borderlands 2 is inherently an online c0-op title (though you can play offline) so the people over at Gearbox kind of have to take into account how that sort of thing would affect a greater online experience.


Source: Twitter

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