Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – Say What?

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – Say What?


We knew a new Golden Sun game was coming, but we didn’t exactly know it was coming this soon. Nintendo dropped a bomb on us today – along with the announcement that they would be dropping the price of two DSi models, they let us know that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be releasing for the DS on November 29, 2010.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn takes place 30 years after the first two Golden Sun games, introducing us to some new faces and a newly changed world. Naturally, the quest that players will undergo here takes them from humble beginnings on a journey to save the world. I haven’t heard that one before, have you?

Needless to say, a good portion of the game will focus on what is being called Djinn, or spirits that give their owner powerful abilities. There are over 70 different Djinn within the game to collect and use to your advantage throughout various story segments. They can be used to help you anywhere from battle to completing puzzles to destroying obstacles.

So, RPG fans have one more reason to celebrate this fall, especially fans of the original Golden Sun titles, which has definitely built a cult following over the years.