Golden Week in Japan: Decline of Games on Nintendo, Growth on PlayStation; Good Start for Donkey Kong

Golden Week in Japan: Decline of Games on Nintendo, Growth on PlayStation; Good Start for Donkey Kong

Media Create's focuses on Golden Week, pointing out that games on Nintendo platforms have declined year-on-year, while titles on Sony's consoles have grown.

Following the top-twenty ranking released on Wednesday, today Media Create released its traditional weekly analysis. This time around it’s a special case because the Japanese firm analyzed two weeks instead of one.

More precisely, we get a look at the period between April 23rd and May 6th, which is dominated by the Golden Week. It’s a period with a bunch of national holidays in Japan, which means that many are completely off work, and kids don’t go to school.

Especially the closure of schools usually gives strong momentum to games on Nintendo platforms due to their lower age target. This year was a little different.

Media Create explains that the total software sales for the two weeks examined was 1,105,000 units, which shows a small overall decline compared to last year’s 1,174,000 units.

This decline was felt keenly on Nintendo platforms, that moved only 62.51% of last year’s total game sales. This is mostly focused on the 3DS front, which dropped sharply: 3DS games sold only 23.78% of the amount they sold last year.

The opposite trend is shown for PlayStation platform games, mostly thanks to the contribution of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018. The game sold 239,000 copies in two weeks across PS4 and PS Vita, and pushed games on PlayStation Platforms to selling 208.14% of last year’s total.

That being said, according to Media Create, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Switch sold much better than its Wii U predecessor, with 88,000 copies against 36,000 in its debut week. As the Switch’s first Donkey Kong game, this is seen as a “good start.”

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