This Fan Remake of Goldeneye is Absolutely Breathtaking

This Fan Remake of Goldeneye is Absolutely Breathtaking

GoldenEye 25 is an incredible fan remake of the single-player campaign from the N64 classic.

When GoldenEye released in 1997 for the N64 it was a revelation for kids like me who didn’t have a fancy computer to play FPS games on. Sure, the controls aren’t quite up to modern-day standards (an understatement) and visually the game hasn’t aged super well. That said, no one can deny the impact it had on the industry back in the late 90s. One fan development team, the lead of which also worked on GoldenEye: Source, is rebuilding the game completely in the Unreal engine. It looks amazing.

Obviously the game is still relatively early in development (the team is eyeing a 2022 release); however, it’s clear from this gameplay footage that they have the basics down. The health bar pops on the screen just like it does in the original and the targeting reticule is picture-perfect. Gunplay looks just how I remember it. They even have a number of little details in this early build. You can shoot out the lamps and lights. The NPCs awkwardly toss keycards when you hold them up. It’s all so good.

Visually, the game wouldn’t stand out in the modern FPS space; however, it does do a great job of making a game from 1997 look appealing today. Plus, most of the NPC models are still placeholder, so the looks should drastically change as the game moves forward. I am by no means an FPS fan, but my nostalgia for GoldenEye’s tense single-player missions is already tingling.

GoldenEye 25 is hoping to launch in 2022. The game is a fan remake of the single-player campaign of the N64 classic. When it becomes available, you can pick it up on PC.