Golf Story Had Some Crazy Ideas That Didn’t Make It to the Final Version

Golf Story Had Some Crazy Ideas That Didn’t Make It to the Final Version

In a recent interview, Andrew Newey, one of the developers behind the game, discussed some wacky ideas that did not make it into the final version.

Golf Story was a wonderful and successful game that released last year on the Nintendo Switch. The game will remind you of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Advance. In fact, in an interview with Nintendo Everything, Andrew Newey, one of the two developers behind the game, confirmed that it was part of their inspiration and revealed many more insights behind the game.

What stood out to me the most from the interview, were some wacky ideas that didn’t make it into the full release. Supposedly, they had an idea for an incredibly long par 20 hole that you would be able to use the long driver on.


On top of that, he had a couple other crazy ideas. Andrew stated:

“One of my favorite ideas was a Crazy Taxi style mini game where you drive around picking up molerats in the RC car. The small boats at the beach that you can hit balls at were going to be driveable too.”

I would recommend Golf Story to anyone who has an affinity for the Mario Golf Series and really anyone in general. There is just something about not taking the sport too seriously and embracing the wackiness of it that gives off an incredible charm. It also helps that the gameplay is top notch as well. Golf Story is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.