Switch Exclusive Golf Story Receives Release Date This September

on August 30, 2017 1:21 PM

During the Nindies Summer Showcase 2017 livestream, a unique game was shown that blends golf and RPG into one retro style game titled Golf Story for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by indie studio Sidebar Games, Golf Story takes place in a world of golf where each area that the player visits contains new courses, towns, and locals to interact with. Furthermore, each area has secrets that players will be able to access if they look hard enough.

The weapon in this unique RPG is a golf club where players must hit around a ball as they travel the map. The game features a large cast of characters and a complete story that fits the game’s world. There are also shops and upgrades that can be obtained through shops and challenges taken on by the player.

There are also mini-games in the form of disc-golf, mini-golf, and drone flights to break up the golf gameplay.

Golf Story will launch September 2017 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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