Gone Home is Currently Free Through Humble Bundle

Gone Home is Currently Free Through Humble Bundle

Award-winning indie game Gone Home is currently being offered for free on the Humble Bundle store as a DRM-free PC download.

For those who may have been undecided on Gone Home, the first-person interactive indie title that originally released back in 2013 for PC, now’s your chance to nab a copy of the game — for absolutely free.

Humble Bundle is offering a DRM-free PC download of the title off their store from now until May 3rd. The offer is part of a Humble Monthly Trove promotion, a service that allows access to more than 60 games by paying a subscription fee each month. Any game obtained through the service is DRM-free as well which mean that, once downloaded, the game is yours to keep forever.

You can download Gone Home here by simply logging into your Humble Bundle account and you don’t need to subscribe to the Trove service to acquire it. Once you get it, it’s launched directly from your PC rather than through a separate launcher.

This isn’t the first time Gone Home has been available for free through some other service. Before this promotion it was previously distributed through Xbox One’s Games With Gold, PlayStation Plus, through itch.io on PC, and Amazon Prime through their Twitch Prime service.

The most recent version of the game to release is the Nintendo Switch port in 2018, which actually features real SNES cartridges in the game thanks to Nintendo being awesome enough to give the okay. And while that version may not be the definitive one, it’s still another great way to delve into the title. You can check out our review of the original Gone Home here if you’re still on the fence about buying or downloading.