Switch Version of Gone Home Adds Real SNES Cartridges

Switch Version of Gone Home Adds Real SNES Cartridges

Nintendo allowed Fullbright to add real, licensed games from the SNES in the Switch version of Gone Home.

If you’ve played Gone Home before, you’ve probably noticed many of the SNES cartridges scattered about the house that are meant to reflect the mid-90s time period in which the story takes place. Up until now, all of the games in question that you find are made-up titles but for the Switch release of Gone Home, that has changed.

Following Gone Home’s launch on Nintendo Switch, many began to notice that the fake games were no more and were instead replaced by real SNES carts. Some of the classic games that can be found in the home include Donkey Kong CountryThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario Kart.

Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor confirmed on Twitter that Nintendo allowed them to license real Super Nintendo games from the past to put in the Switch release. It’s not anything that drastically changes the experience of Gone Home, but it’s a really cool little touch. Props to Nintendo for making it happen.

Gone Home released on Switch last week so if you haven’t played it yet or you’re just looking to revisit it on the handheld and console hybrid, you can go snag it off of the eShop right now.

Thanks to @liamdohertee for the featured image on this post.