Good News, El Presidente, The Next Tropico Is In Development

on August 18, 2012 12:56 PM

Haermimont Games is going to keep the Tropico line going, despite the lackluster reviews of recent titles. Originally started as a SimCity spinoff with a Carribean dictator twist, Tropico managed to develop its own fanbase and unique identity. Many fans criticized Tropico 4 for re-using graphics from the previous game, and not having enough meat to be a true sequel.

With the original titan, SimCity returning to the ring soon after it’s announcement at E3 this year, will there be room for a new Tropico in the market? The game has evolved enough over the years to give it it’s own niche, but Haermimont will have to focus on differentiating it, and rejuvinating the humorous atmosphere that gave the series early success.

CEO Gabriel Dobrov said, “We’ve already started on Tropico. This time we’re wiping the whole game clean and building it from the ground up.” The Bulgarian studio will begin development of the yet unnamed sequel as soon as they publish Omerta: City of Gangsters this fall.

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