Good Smile's New Figure of Makoto from BlazBlue Continues to Confuse Me

I’ve never really understood the intent behind Arc System Works’ character designs. I mean, I appreciate their unique qualities and all, but there are a few that cross the threshold from, “Wow, this is cool and unique,” to “What the hell am I looking at?”

Makoto’s a pretty good example of the latter. She’s a scantily-clad (look at that under-boob) squirrel girl (not related to the X-Men character) with… giant metal crosses attached to her wrists, which I’m assuming are some sort of weapon.

I don’t think the crosses really mesh well with the tail, but that’s just me. Maybe if she was a nun that’d help somewhat.

Anyway, Good Smile Company’s distributing a figure of her from FREEing, and it’s pretty well-crafted, if you’re into her design. You can buy it from here for 6,520 Yen or about $85.50. Much too steep for my tastes, but it’s a cool item if you’re into BlazBlue.

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