Goodbye! BOXBOY! and Qbby amiibo Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Goodbye! BOXBOY! and Qbby amiibo Announced for Nintendo 3DS

It’s official — BOXBOY!, Nintendo’s latest puzzle-platformer IP from HAL Laboratory, will be getting a third release. Stealth announced yesterday, Goodbye! BOXBOY! was unveiled via a teaser site on Nintendo’s Japanese webpage.

However, the announcements didn’t end there — the game launched alongside a brand new announcement trailer (with a hefty chunk of gameplay) which you can catch below.

Even more interesting, the game (compared to its two predecessors) will see a physical release, along with a new amiibo figure for the star character Qbby. The retail package will include a physical version of the first three games (BOXBOY!, BOXBOXBOY!, and Goodbye! BOXBOY!), an officially soundtrack with 34 songs from the game’s original soundtrack, and the Qbby amiibo which will be able to “unlock secrets.” The package (as well as the main game) has only been announced for Japan at the moment, set to release on February 2, 2017 for 3,456 yen ($30.28 USD at the time of writing).

DualShockers took a swing at BOXBOXBOY!, the game’s immediate predecessor last year, and noted that the title was a good addition to the Nintendo eShop — especially with indie titles waining on the four year-old platform. Particularly, we noted that BOXBOXBOY! “is fun, has some interesting ideas, provides a challenge at times and is surely worth five bucks, especially if you like puzzle games.”

As mentioned above, Goodbye! BOXBOY! is currently only announced for Japan — however, given the fact that both prior games made it to Western shores, I don’t think fans should be too concerned. Chances are that we will see the game make an appearance on the next Nintendo Direct which will likely be seen sometime in January.

The game is launching on February 2, 2017 (alongside the physical release) for 680 yen ($5.96 USD at the time of writing). Check out the new trailer and photos of the package and amiibo below: