Goodbye Star Wars Galaxies: The Videos

As many of you probably know, Star Wars: The Old Republic is approaching its official release, but the Star Wars universe just lost one of its stars, or more precisely a Galaxy: Star Wars Galaxies.

Due to several factors that no doubt include the release of the new kid on the Star Wars block, Star Wars Galaxies ceased its operation on Thursday December the 15, 2011 at 9:01 PM Pacific time.

For some the closing hours were a somber moment, as they mourned the world that has been their virtual home for years. Others decided to see the veteran MMORPG off with a smile and a celebration of its legacy. 

One thing is for sure: despite the controversy, the criticism and the fact that the game didn’t have the widespread success that one would expect from a Star Wars MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies was loved by many for its boundless sandbox environment, its RolePlay-friendly options, and simply because it gave many a virtual “home sweet home” away from home.

Quite a few of the former Star Wars Galaxy players paid homage to their now lost virtual home with tribute videos. When you’re tempted to go to a forum to write that this or that MMORPG should be closed because it doesn’t satisfy your personal expectations, please try to think about the games that have already gone that way, and about the many that lost a world that they loved and cherished.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a compilation of some of the many goodbye videos I found below. There are many others, but the ones I selected “clicked” with me, one way or another. To start, though, the first video will actually be a little different, as it’s the first trailer of the game I saw in 2002. Back then things were more simple, and MMORPG players were less demanding. It may seem old now, but in 2002 it looked amazing.

May the Force be with you. Always.

SWG Closes – Final Shut Down

Star Wars Galaxies, the final shutdown….

Goodbye Star Wars Galaxies 12/15/11 Part 2

This one is quite hilarious…

Star Wars Galaxies Starsider Server Shut Down – Megawok

Star Wars Galaxies: Ending Video Tribute

Star Wars Galaxies: The End of All Things

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) – The last 3 minutes of EU-Chimaera

Star Wars Galaxies – Das Ende des Kampfes

SWG Memories

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