Google Celebrates Super Mario Bros.’ 30th Anniversary With a Special Hidden Easter Egg

on September 14, 2015 10:27 AM

Nintendo is celebrating the 30th anniversary this week of its most beloved star Mario with Super Mario Bros. having released three decades ago at this point, and even Google is getting in on the celebration with a special Easter egg added in honor of the famous Italian plumber.

A hidden Easter egg has been added to Google in celebration of Super Mario Bros.‘s 30th anniversary: specifically, go to Google and type in a search for “Super Mario Bros.”, and you might notice that something is a little different. In fact, there is: there’s a functioning coin box in the right side that you can click for the iconic coin sound from the original game.

I’ve clicked around probably at least 100+ times on the box to see if anything else special happens but haven’t seen anything yet: maybe for those that are diligent (or just outright bored) something else may come up if you click enough times: or maybe you just want to hear the sweet, soothing sounds of Mario’s coin boxes.

While it’s not the first time Google has done something cool and clever for Nintendo titles (like the infamous “Do a barrel roll” Easter egg), it’s a fitting and fun little addition to the birthday celebrations of Mario: to check it out yourself, we even saved you the trouble of a Google search and you check it out by clicking here.

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