Google Focusing On "Quality Before Quantity" With Google+ Games

Google recently launched its Games section for Google+ (about six weeks after the network’s initial launch). Google says that they want to have an “element of control” over the quality of games that are released on the platform. This is probably why there aren’t a large amount of games ported over from Facebook at this point.

“Because we want to provide both a great user experience and a great developer experience, we’re focusing on quality before quantity,” said engineering director David Glazier.

Google has given out APIs to a small amount of developers, and they plan on seeing how their efforts pan out before they give it a more wide release.

At this point, some of the games on G+ include Rovio’s Angry Birds, PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz, BioWare’s Dragon Age Legends, and Zynga’s Zynga Poker (which, due to the icon, I’m assuming is like Sexy Poker).


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Justin Hutchison

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