Google Stadia is Getting Better in UK with Help from BT

Google Stadia is Getting Better in UK with Help from BT

Google and BT are partnering to increase Stadia's presence and performance in the UK.

Ever since Google Stadia’s launch in November 2019, users around the world have had wildly different experiences. My time with the console has been relatively latency-free, but other memes and reports from around the internet show that’s not the experience everyone is having with Google’s fledgling cloud-based platform. In hopes to improve Stadia’s performance in the UK and get the platform into more people’s hands, Google has partnered with BT.

No, not the enemies from Death Stranding, the UK telecom firm. BT will serve as the “first European distribution partner for Stadia,” both increasing access to the platform and enhancing how it runs. Until January 30, BT is giving Superfast Fibre 2, Ultrafast Fibre 100 and Ultrafast Fibre 250 customers the option to get Google Stadia Premiere Edition. Starting February 7, BT is also offering Stadia-focused plans that will also net users a Google Stadia Premiere Edition.

This partnership will likely get Google’s platform into more hands with connections to support it, so the experience of playing Stadia in the UK may be improving soon. CEO of BT’s Consumer Edition Marc Ellera is also optimistic about the partnership, claiming “We continually look to provide our customers with the most exciting products and experiences, and by partnering with Google on Stadia, we’re able to help them push the limits of gaming. We’re also investing in the UK’s fastest 4G, 5G and fibre networks, so our superfast home broadband service is the perfect accompaniment for those wanting to make the most from this innovative streaming gaming platform.”

How has your experience with Google Stadia been? Let us know in the comments below. If you are interested in Google’s recently released cloud-based platform you should also check out our buyer’s guide for its launch titles, review of launch exclusive Gylt, and this month’s Stadia Pro games.