Google Says That Stadia is Not Causing Chromecast Ultras to Overheat

Several Google Stadia users have been voicing their concerns that the platform may be causing their Chromecast Ultra units to overheat.

Though it has had an anticipated launch, Google Stadia (so far) has seemed to debut to a bit of a rocky start. The long-awaited platform focused specifically on game streaming notably is missing many of the features that Google had originally pitched as highlights of Stadia (though promised to come down the line), with some early adopters now claiming that the platform may be causing their Chromecast Ultra units to be malfunctioning.

Over on the Google Stadia subreddit, several users of the platform have been claiming that their Chromecast Ultra units have been overheating and shutting down as a result of playing games with Google Stadia, especially at 4K resolution. Part of this criticism seems to be aimed at the Chromecast Ultra itself, as the device is currently the only way to play Stadia using its controller wirelessly, and given the demands of streaming 4K resolution games on a technical level, it wouldn’t seem too surprising that the devices may be having trouble keeping up.

However, Google has stated to CNN in response to these claims that the Chromecast units “are working as designed,” and noted that although Chromecast units can get warm from normal usage, they compared its demands as being similar to streaming movies or TV shows.

Part of this response seems to come from the fact that Google assures that it had performed “extensive testing” before Stadia’s launch seemingly tied to overheating issues. However, Google also expressed to CNN that it will “happily work with users to understand their particular experience better.”

Coming off our own time with Google Stadia recently for review, it’s clear so far that Stadia has promising tech that is hindered by underdeveloped features, software, and services. Our own news editor Tomas Franzese stated that while Stadia “works surprisingly well” when it comes to its signature feature of being able to stream high-quality games with minimal lag and hardware required, its services and business model still leave a lot to be desired, at least in its current launch form. Obviously that may change significantly as Google Stadia’s additional features are introduced, but at the moment its current form may leave a lot to be desired for early adopters.

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