Stadia Is Now Supported by All Chromecast Ultras

Stadia Is Now Supported by All Chromecast Ultras

The initial launch for Stadia might've been lacking in games and features, but Google is slowly improving its offerings as we near full release.

Google’s Stadia launch has been less than stellar in the early goings. While the tech behind the service is mostly impressive, almost everything else feels lacking. Today, Google has taken a step in the right direction by bringing the service to all Chromecast Ultras. Previously, you needed to have the founder’s edition version of the Ultra to play. So, this should help open the service up to tons more people.

Obviously, this would’ve great to have with the initial launch. Forcing anyone who wanted to only play onto the new Chromecast Ultras was never going to be a popular move. However, as we move forward, Google has to make moves like this to make the service worth it for more people. Alongside this news, Google has given players an extra buddy pass for players to pass along to their friends. Google needs to get their service in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and this does just that.

Google still has a long way to go to make Stadia everything they hope it will be. The game library continues to be relatively dreadful. Everything feels more like a paid beta than anything else at this point. And, of course, there continues to be the massive problem of data caps for many players around the country. However, Stadia feels like a process Google knows will take time to catch on. Hopefully, they continue to put support behind it and make our potential streaming future actually worth it.

Google Stadia is out now.