Google to Open Stadia First-Party Studio in Montreal

Google to Open Stadia First-Party Studio in Montreal

Google is now officially on the path to creating first-party experiences for Stadia.

While it won’t have any first-party titles available at the launch of Stadia next month, Google is planning to develop its own games for the platform moving forward. Today, that goal became more of a reality as Google revealed its plans to open the company’s first studio soon.

Stadia’s VP and Head of Stadia Games & Entertainment, Jade Raymond, today announced that Google’s first development studio will soon be opening in her hometown of Montreal. “Stadia Games and Entertainment’s studio will produce exclusive, original content across a diverse portfolio of games in all your favorite genres,” Raymond said in a blog post announcing the move. “Stadia is designed to be one destination for all the ways people play games—and Montréal is where we’re going to start building them.”

As for when these first-party titles for Stadia will start to come about, well, it’s hard to say. From the way Raymond puts things, it sounds as though the studio is still staffing up quite a bit, meaning that it could be a while until actual products start to be released. “At Stadia, we don’t believe in being ‘good enough.’ We believe in being more: More ambitious. More inclusive. More accessible. More immersive. More engaging. We’re bringing that mentality to Stadia Games and Entertainment, and now with our first studio, we’re looking for the best developers on the planet to join us.”

Google Stadia is set to go live next month beginning on November 19. We’ll keep you posted when we start to hear more about just what Stadia is working on at this new studio.