Google Stadia Might Not Arrive With Customers at Launch but Within Two Weeks

Google Stadia Might Not Arrive With Customers at Launch but Within Two Weeks

Due to the way Google is shipping Google Stadia, those who are expecting it on launch day might get it within the first two weeks of launch.

It appears as if the upcoming Google Stadia won’t be with some consumers on launch day because of the way Google is handling the shipping of the products.

When Google opened pre-orders for Google Stadia’s Founder’s Edition, it eventually sold out as they announced yesterday. However, a new Premiere Edition is available for grabs. The Verge was told by Google that both Founder Edition and Premiere Edition buyers wouldn’t necessarily receive their Google Stadia on day one —which is November 19th— because they’re shipping the product in the orders that they were received.

Google also directed The Verge to a blog post pointing out the first line that reads, “Stadia Founder’s Edition will start arriving on gamers’ doorsteps on November 19, 2019.” Of course, “start arriving” being the keyword here. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones to get the new service on day one, you’ll still have to wait until 9AM PST/5PM BST/6PM CET to actually use it.

So, for those who have ordered the $130 Founder’s Edition, you might not get it on launch day, however, Google confirms that both editions of Google Stadia should be with consumers within the first two weeks of launch. The Verge did have a nose at the estimated shipping date for the Premiere Edition and found that it should “ship sometime in November.”

Recently, we’ve also heard that the controller won’t support wireless play to PC or mobile devices at launch, but having said that, the controller is apparently comfortable.

Google Stadia will launch on November 19th, but if you’re willing to wait until next year, the service will become available sometime in 2020.