Google Stadia is Getting New Exclusives from Harmonix, Uppercut Games, and Supermassive

During its latest Stadia Connect, Google announced that new Stadia exclusives are on the way from three established studios.

With its debut this past fall, Google Stadia has launched to a bit of a mixed reception. As an alternative to the traditional way of playing games by owning a console and either buying games digitally or physically, Stadia has freed potential gamers from the constraints of expensive hardware by streaming games to a variety of different devices. However, the platform has also drawn criticism for its lack of games supported at the moment, alongside its need for compelling exclusive titles. On that front, Google seems to working to expand on the number of games it has available on Stadia, including the promise of upcoming exclusive titles from well-known developers and studios.

During its latest Stadia Connect presentation today, Google announced that new exclusive titles are coming to the game streaming platform from a trio of established studios in the industry. Specifically, Google announced that it has new partnerships for exclusive titles from Harmonix, Supermassive Games, and Uppercut Games, bringing a diverse range of new titles to the platform. At this time, no further details were shared on what these new titles will entail from the studios, but Google clarified that more information will be coming on them later this year.

Harmonix of course has become the household name in the games industry for music and rhythm games, with the studio’s legacy behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band ensuring that we’ll see some kind of new music experience coming to Stadia down the line. Supermassive Games is most well-known for their interactive story-driven experiences such as Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda, with the studio currently working on the next installment of its horror anthology series, The Dark Pictures. Uppercut Games is an Australia-based studio that has worked on titles such as City of Brass, EPOCH, and Submerged.

So far, Google Stadia has been home to a limited number of exclusive games like its launch title Gylt and Orcs Must Die! 3, which just launched for the platform today and is available for free to Stadia Pro members. However, with these deals in place between Harmonix, Uppercut, and Supermassive, hopefully we’ll see an expanded roster of exclusive titles for Stadia owners that can also broaden the platform’s appeal to a wider audience.

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