Google Stadia Partners Program Has Received Over 4,000 Applications

Over 4,000 developers have shown interest in Google Stadia through the Stadia partners program.

July 12, 2019

The Google Stadia has caught the attention of thousands of developers according to Technical Account Manager Sam Corcoran. When speaking at Develop Brighton 2019, he revealed that there have been over 4,000 applications for the Stadia Partners program and reiterated how a human is looking at every one of them to curate good content for Google Stadia.

“We’ve had more than 4,000 companies apply for access to Stadia and every single one of them is reviewed by a human,” he said. “Someone is reading, so put some thought into that application.” While that last part of his comment shows that not every developer asking is working on something for Stadia, it does show that there is tremendous interest within the industry for this new streaming focused platform. That also became obvious to me during several conversations with developers at E3 2019, who were all curious about the potential of the hardware. That being said, many of them did want to see Google Stadia in action on a more massive scale before committing.


For developers interested in applying, Corcoran also offered some advice. “What I’d really recommend – and what is always well-received – is having a good think about the access the Stadia provides, which allows people to play across all these different endpoints and hopefully can widen the range of players that can engage with your game. Think about if that does anything particular for your game. If access from any device has an impact on the design of your game. And also, what new opportunities are out there thanks to that ease of access.” It will definitely be interesting to see the various unique elements of Google Stadia will impact game development and design; in fact, Velan Studios’ Karthik Bala discussed just that with DualShockers last month. 

If you are interested in what the application process is like or do actually want to apply yourself, the Stadia Partners program is still actively accepting applications on that platform’s developer website.  

Tomas Franzese

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