Google Stadia Pro Subscription Discounted Games Will Be Playable When Subscription Ends

Yes, games purchased with your Google Stadia Pro subscription will still be available to play when your subscription ends.

Google Stadia has launched bringing the “future of gaming” in the palms of our hands. Along with the launch woes many day-one buyers are now realizing, a small communication error in reference to the Google Stadia Pro subscription users questioning the new platform’s worth.

In a thread on Twitter, user @VirtualVALDO91 asked per translation, “Once I have purchased the game and finished the subscription, can I always play that game?” Again, according to a translation, the Google Stadia responded, “Games obtained free or with discounts, thanks to the Stadia Pro subscription, will no longer be available once the subscription has ended. You can continue playing with the games you have purchased at full price.”

Obviously, this perplexed some Stadia owners. The statement implies that players who have received games for free or purchased with a discount will not be playable once their Google Stadia Pro subscription has ended. Many questioned in which Google had to clarify exactly how claimed games work with the service.

“To clarify, free games claimed with your Pro subscription will not be accessible if your subscription expires,” Google stated. “Any games you purchased with or without discounts are yours to play even if your Pro subscription expires.”

So, it essentially works like a PlayStation Plus subscription. Any game purchased both discounted and at full price will be playable with or without a Google Stadia Pro subscription. However, games you received for free with the subscription will not be playable once your subscription ends.

Google Stadia is available to purchase now. You can check out our buyer’s guide to see how much each game will cost. If you do have the Pro subscription, there are some good deals on some fairly recent games like Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11. You can also check out our review to see what we thought of the game streaming platform.

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