Google Stadia Unboxing: First Look at Google's New Cloud-Based Platform

Check out this unboxing of the Google Stadia Press Kit, which includes a Founder's Edition, controller attachment and Google Pixel 3a XL!

We are just four days away from the release of Google Stadia, but you can get an early look at Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform here. Unveiled by Google in March, Google Stadia is a unique platform that ditches typical game console hardware and can stream several games from the cloud with little to no hitches or lag. Its launch day lineup includes games like Destiny 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and an exclusive adventure-horror game Gylt. 

Google sent Stadia over to DualShockers early and we’ve been able to get significant hands-on time with the system. While our full impressions will have to wait, we did unbox the press kit Google sent over. In it, we received Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, a package that comes with a Chromecast Ultra to play Stadia on and a limited edition blue controller. Additionally, DualShockers received a controller attachment that makes it easier to play Stadia game on one’s phone and a Google Pixel 3a XL that Stadia is compatible with.

You can check the unboxing video out below. Google Stadia will release on November 19, though the system will be missing some features.

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Tomas Franzese

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