Gorgeous One-Man Project “Lost Soul Aside” Gets More Information on Story and Development

Gorgeous One-Man Project “Lost Soul Aside” Gets More Information on Story and Development

Yesterday solo developer Yang Bing impressed many with a trailer of his creation Lost Soul Aside, and he followed up on Twitter and Facebook with more information.

First of all, he responded with remarkable humility to comparisons with Final Fantasy XV, also mentioning that he won’t ask for money via crowdfunding until he’ll be sure that he’ll be able to finish the game.

We also get to see the opriginal design of the main character, and learn more about the voice used in the trailer.


A few details were also shared on the story:

“Ten years ago, there was a war between two kingdoms. The war ended, but several years later the unknown monsters kept to come out and kill people.

Kazer was the Captain of the Knights templar, he rarely has a smile on his face again since the accident of his family, and the nightmare of that day keeps coming to him…

Until he accidentally got combined with one of the monsters, and the monster told him that his name is Arena.”

While thanking everyone for the support and for the offers of help, Yang Bing mentioned that he will try to finish the game, but can’t make promises, and won’t ask people for help until he has a viable plan.

Last, but not least, he posted a message clarifying this isn’t a short-term project, but he promised updates for the future.

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for supporting me so much, I’m really glad to see that people like it.

I have been working on it in full time for two years, and feed myself by doing freelance things, and actually my plan was to release the trailer as the end of full-time development and to find a full time job, then continue it in part-time with a really slow speed, maybe ten years or more.

My plan should disappoint you but by that way it can be less stressful, It’s kind of selfish, but just as Kazer said in the end scene, it’s just for saving myself.
I really haven’t expected that there wopuld be so many people liking it, which makes me hesitate to do as I planned. Actually, it’s a bit stressful right now.

This may disappoint you, but I can’t tell a lie that the game will come out in another 2 years.

Maybe there will be some opportunity in the future, allowing me to finish it within a team or in full-time. But right now I’m tired and want to rest.
Sorry for disappointing  you guys, and thank you again for the encouragement.

There will be updates though.
Thank you again.

Ultimately, it’s not surprising that Yang Bing might feel pressure with so many suddenly appreciating his work, and encouraging him to continue. Personally, I can’t wait to see where this goes, however long it takes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.