Got the Munchies? Amazon Has You Covered

on August 26, 2012 12:53 PM

Most people still think of as a place to buy books, TV shows, Movies, and sometimes games. Now however it seems like they’re trying to reach out to gamers in an unconventional way, through their stomachs with a dedicated “Gamer Snacks” department. It might not help you if you’re hungry right this moment, but Amazon is probably hoping you’ll keep them in mind when you want to stock up without going to the store.

Knowing them you can probably expect to see some promotions in the near future as well if you get your games from Amazon too. There’s even some healthy choices on the menu, but if you’re ordering snacks over the internet, chances are you’re not counting calories. I suppose it couldn’t have hurt to order a case of Red Bull with a copy of Diablo III, for those who wanted to be the first to finish it.

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