Grab That Reptile Repellent: The Amazing Spider-Man Will Feature The Iguana

on March 14, 2012 6:00 PM

Little-known fact: The Lizard isn’t the only reptilian baddie in the Spider-Man universe. And the coming video game adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man has got the Iguana, a genetically altered experiment of Curt Connors’, as an enemy for you to chase down and defeat when it releases this June. The trailer embedded after the jump features more Spider-Man — and Rhino, for some reason — than Iguana footage, but you get a decent look at the fiend. He looks a bit more animalistic in this portrayal than the comics, which was purely intentional in order to differentiate him from The Lizard.

You can check out some concept art and comic scans we received today after the jump along with the video.

Unlike many other comics characters, Iguana isn’t somebody who’s suffered an unfortunate accident and forced to live as a freak. Not at all. Instead, Iggy’s a dime-a-dozen iguana held at Oscorp who’s tested on by Connors and other scientists. While some of the tests conducted seemingly have no effect, one final serum the doctor who later transforms into The Lizard administers to Iggy causes the effects of the previous potions to compound and turn him into a seven-foot-tall beast.

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