Grab Your 3DS and Prepare for Nintendo’s National StreetPass Weekend on Dec 14-15

on December 11, 2013 7:34 AM

Get ready to get StreetPasses, and lots of them: Nintendo has you covered this weekend if you happen to be a 3DS owner looking for more hats or to get past that dungeon in Find Mii.

Nintendo has announced that it will be having a “National StreetPass Weekend” running from December 14-15, which will allow users to nab StreetPasses from other countries and areas that normally would be exceedingly difficult to obtain otherwise.

In the weekend, the Nintendo Zones (free Nintendo-operated hot spots that contain content for Nintendo games) will be shuffled and mixed around, so players and 3DS owners nearby will be able to StreetPass with other areas or countries, using the new StreetPass Relay feature.

You can check out more about Nintendo’s upcoming National StreetPass Weekend here, and also take a look at their commercial to promote the upcoming 3DS-centric event:

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