Gran Turismo 5 Outshines Forza 3…in Sales

on April 1, 2011 9:00 AM

Gran Turismo 5 Outshines Forza Sales

If two racing titles have made a name for themselves in the video game industry, its certainly (PS3 exclusive) Gran Turismo 5 and (360 exclusive) Forza 3. But which one is better? Well that is left to the opinion of the gamers. However, the two racing simulations each share a piece of critical superiority. Both racing giants are great games in their own right, but Forza 3 wins in the category of critical acclaim. Gran Turismo 5 currently holds an 84 metacritic score while Forza 3 retains a 92 metacritic rating. What about the other end of the stick, sales, you ask? Well the third Forza title sold about 4.8 million units in one year and four months. Gran Turismo 5 blew that mark out of the water by selling 6.08 million units within just four months. A entire year before Forza 3‘s success. Shall I be bold enough to ask what the readers think the better of the two is?


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