Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.02 Arrives

By Rafael Felix

December 18, 2013

Polyphony Digital has disclosed details of an update for Gran Turismo 6 that will be available to download on December 18th.

The update will include phase one Red Bull cars, and phase one of the Red Bull X Challenge, “an innovative collaboration with Infinity Red Bull Racing that includes 2013 Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel mentoring players in the art of driving an authentic formula car.” Phase two of the Red Bull X Challenge will become available  in a future update.

Those who purchased Gran Turismo 6 on release, will be able to select the first of four new Red Bull cars. The ‘Red Bull Racing Kart’ and ‘Red Bull X2014 Junior,’ which will arrive in dealerships in-game via the update. The other two cars, the Red Bull X2014 ‘Standard’ and ‘Fan ‘ cars will will be available at a later stage.

Commenting on the Red Bull X Challenger, Kzunoir Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc, said

“This is the latest update for the game and there are more to come.”

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Additional items detailed in Update 1.02 are listed below:

Consecutive Login Bonus
When you login online for consecutive days, a bonus to all credits awards will accrue up to a potential 200% bonus on the 5th day. Be sure to login everyday to earn more credits!

Credits earned in Career Mode increased
The amount of credits earned in Career Mode have been increased. This may give good incentive to go back and try some races you’ve already cleared!

Entry requirements for Seasonal Events lowered
Players will only require a National B licence in order to participate in Seasonal Events and, for a limited time, there will be unique special events that will reward cars as prizes, so don’t miss this opportunity and remember to login online!

Bonus Events within Seasonal Events
Two new Seasonal Events will run from 20 December 2013 to 17 January 2014 and 02 January to 30 January 2014. These unique events to mark the seasonal holidays and the new year will feature special bonus credits.

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