Gran Turismo Has Secret New DLC

Gran Turismo Has Secret New DLC


If you like Gran Turismo 5, then chances are you like cars. And if you like cars, then chances are you’d like yourself a shiny new Corvette.

Officially announced today at the LA Auto Show, Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital have been working very closely for months to create an exclusive new driving experience that you can preview on your PS3… just one you’re not allowed to see yet.

What we know: it’s a Corvette C7 Test Prototype, and it’s being offered through the Playstation Store as free DLC.

What we don’t know: what the car looks like.

Even after booting up your game, the Corvette will be covered: that’s how secretive this car is. The car is being tested on tracks around the world as we speak, with only the most skilled drivers allowed to even get near it: if anyone can get a shot of the car they can earn $100k for it.

The 2014 Corvette will debut on Sunday, January 13th, 2013. For more information, checkout To see the Corvette in action (sort of) check out the trailer and screenshots below. And as always, stay tuned to for more news.