Gran Turismo Sport — You Can Now Buy 218 Cars with Real Money on the PSN: Here’s the Full List

Gran Turismo Sport — You Can Now Buy 218 Cars with Real Money on the PSN: Here’s the Full List

Sony made 218 Gran Turismo Sport cars available for purchase as DLC with real money, but you can still grind for them in the game if you prefer.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital released a brand new update to Gran Turismo Sport. Alongside the new content, we also got a new way to acquire cars in the game.

If you have a car you really want and don’t want to grind for it, you can now purchase it for real money on the PlayStation Store.

You can find them both on the North American PlayStation Store while the European one will get them on August 2nd.

There is a total of 218 cars for purchase, and you can find the full list below. The price is between $0.99 for the cheapest Kei cars and hatchbacks, all the way up to $2.99 for racing cars. That’s roughly $400 in Microtransactions if you wanted to buy everything in the store (which you probably don’t, the game is quite generous in letting you acquire cars with conventional methods).

It’s worth mentioning that only cars that cost less than 2,000,000 credits will be available in this manner, leaving some of the most prized trophy cars available only through gameplay. Of course, all cars purchasable with real money remain available by griding credits in the game, and there is no ride exclusive to paid DLC.

Gran Turismo Sport is currently available exclusively for PS4. If you’re interested, you can grab a copy on Amazon. A few weeks ago, we learned that the game passed five million players worldwide.

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