Granblue Fantasy Anime Series Getting English Voice Acting for Blu Ray Release

Granblue Fantasy Anime Series Getting English Voice Acting for Blu Ray Release

Could the upcoming English voice acting for the Anime series be a signal of Cygames' interest in bringing the Granblue Fantasy games to the west?

Cygames’ popular mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy sparked a rather lovely anime series that aired last year in Japan, and a second season is coming, but today’s news come from the United States.

The local arm of Aniplex announced that the series is getting the English voice acting treatment with an upcoming Blu Ray release in two volumes, set to launch respectively on May 15th, 2018 and July 17th, 2018.

Kyle McCarley will voice male hero Gran, Kira Buckland will lend her voice to Lyria, Sandy Fox will play Vryn, Erica Lindbeck will voice Katalina, Kyle Hebert will play Rackam, Jackie Lastra will lend her voice to Io, while Faye Mata will have the responsibility of playing the world’s most annoying midget, Sierokarte. The Sturm and Drang Duo will be voiced respectively by Katelyn Gault and Ray Chase.

Whether you’re interested in having an English track at all or not, this is certainly interesting, as it could be a further signal of Cygames’ interest in exporting the series to the west, alongside its participation to PAX East and Anime Expo.

The mobile game is about to celebrate its fourth anniversary in Japan and currently counts over 18 million registered players. It has never been officially released in the west, despite the fact that it’s fully localized in English.

Cygames is also working on a rather amazing action JRPG for PS4 codenamed Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link.