Granblue Fantasy Celebrates 21 Million Registered Players

Granblue Fantasy Celebrates 21 Million Registered Players

Cygames' popular mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy has just passed 21 million players, and the publisher is celebrating with goodies.

Cygames announced that its popular mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy just passed another registered player milestones. Now the game counts over 21 million, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering that the 20 million player milestone came just two months ago in April.

As a consequence, players can enjoy a brand new event, even if this time around we don’t get a grand celebration with a ton of free draws as we did in past instances. I guess they can’t keep doing that every two months.

That being said, we still get 200 crystals a day until June 30th, 1.5 times as much RP and EXP from quests, half AP consumption pretty much across the board, and an interesting cut in half for the treasure cost of prizes in side stories. Renown and prestige pendants and shop skills are also getting a boost.

It isn’t a groundbreaking event that will help new players get into the fold like past ones, but considering the fact that you can get a free SSR character with the Persona 5 crossover event, it isn’t too bad.

While the game is formally available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers, You can read how to install it and play in English in hour handy guide.

Cygames is also working on a rather impressive action-JRPG for PS4 codenamed Granblue Fantasy ProjectRe:Link alongside the mysterious Project Awakening.