Granblue Fantasy Getting Ten More Days of Free Premium 10-Part Gacha

Granblue Fantasy Getting Ten More Days of Free Premium 10-Part Gacha

Granblue Fantasy's daily free Premium 10-Part Gacha pulls were supposed to end tomorrow, but Cygames added ten more days to the event.

Granblue Fantasy’s summer celebrations have been ongoing for a while, and one of the game’s most welcome perks is the free daily premium-10 part gacha pulls that Cygames tends to bundle with some events.

The summer event included free draws until tomorrow, but the developer decided to extend the bonus until August 23rd.

This means that players will be able to draw ten weapons and summons from rare to super-super-rare (with one SR guaranteed) for ten additional days. That’s a very good chance to get something good without spending a dime, which is always welcome.

Speaking of something good, the Love Live! Sunshine!! crossover event is still going on, and it will be available until August 21st, granting up to three SSR characters if you manage to grind the required treasure, and one with no effort required.

More crossover events are also coming down the line. While the game is technically available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers, it’s actually localized in English and playable worldwide. You can read how to install it and play in hour handy guide.

We recently heard that the console game for PS4 Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will get another reveal between December 15th and December 16th, when the developer will host Cygames Fes at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.