Granblue Fantasy Producer Discusses Potential New Granblue Games

Granblue Fantasy Producer Yuito Kimura and Director Tetsuya Fukuhara chime in on new Granblue games following Versus and Relink.

Cygames have new Granblue Fantasy games in mind following Arc System Works’ fighting game. In particular, a new Granblue casual game could be coming.

Cygames’ RPG Granblue Fantasy reached its 6th anniversary on March 2020. To celebrate, Famitsu published an interview with Producer Yuito Kimura and Director Tetsuya Fukuhara. The interview is extremely long as the duo touches upon many subjects. Including the elusive release date of Granblue Fantasy Relink, and possible ports to PS5 and Stadia.

Throughout the interview, Kimura and Fukuhara mainly discuss the original Granblue Fantasy game and its recent developments. The two men mention how there are still many new players regularly joining Granblue. Moreover, few players drop the game and the abandon rate is extremely low among veteran players in particular. This means the game’s player base isn’t shrinking.

Regarding Granblue Fantasy Versus‘ reception, things went better than what they expected worldwide. Yuito Kimura mentioned they are happy some Granblue Versus players picked up the original game too. Kimura also believes that in the GBVS player base, around half picked it up because they’re into fighting games, and the other half are fans of Granblue in the first place.

In Japan, digital + physical sales of GBVS have exceeded 200,000 copies as of March 27, 2020.

My paycheck isn’t big enough to translate the whole interview, but it has many minor but interesting tidbits if you’re into Granblue. If you know some Japanese, you should definitely read it. Else, you should wait for other fans to get to it.

Regarding New Granblue Fantasy games

Near the end of the interview, Famitsu asked Yuito Kimura and Tetsuya Fukuhara if Cygames have plans in store for new Granblue Fantasy games:

Yuito Kimura: “There are multiple games we’d like to make, and we hope we’ll be able to do something at some point.”

Tetsuya Fukuhara: “I also have some vague ideas for new games, but GBVS has just been released, and updates and DLCs for it will continue. Plus, we still have Relink to work on, so for now we’ll keep focusing on these two games.”

Yuito Kimura: “Yeah, Relink isn’t an easy project. So we can’t work on too many other things simultaneously. But I’d like to try making a casual game for Granblue.

Personally speaking, I’m hoping for a Granblue Fantasy tactical RPG. I’d also be nice if Cygames managed to release Uma Musume one day, before delving into new Granblue games.

Granblue Fantasy is playable on PC and smartphones. You can read our guide to play the game here. Granblue Fantasy Versus is out now on PS4 and Steam. You can check out our review of GBVS and our beginners’ guide. Granblue Fantasy Relink is coming to PS4, someday. You can check more details on the game here.

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