Granblue Fantasy Versus Has Some Sweet Premium Editions

Granblue Fantasy Versus Has Some Sweet Premium Editions

Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4 is getting a physical Premium Edition in the west that contains a bunch of extra goodies.

Granblue Fantasy Versus, a brand new, beautiful looking fighting game from Cygames and Dragon Ball FighterZ developer Arc System Works and publisher XSEED, will release in the west sometime during Q1 2020. Even though we don’t know its exact western release date just yet, XSEED has confirmed that the previously revealed Premium Edition of Granblue Fantasy Versus will be making its way westward.

While a standard $59.99 physical release is in the pipeline for Granblue Fantasy Versus, a Premium Edition will also be available for $20 more. At $79.99, players will net themselves the game, its soundtrack, an art book, a PS4 theme, so PSN avatars, the Color Pack DLC and some bonuses for the original Granblue Fantasy. Specifically, you will get 1 Gold Brick, 1 Sephira Evolite, 1 Sunlight Stone, and 10 Damascus Crystals to use in the mobile game. As this premium edition includes some cool things and is not insanely expensive like some other games, I would say that this version of Granblue Fantasy Versus seems worth it for die-hard fans of Cygames’ popular franchise. You can check out an image of this premium edition below:



If you want to pick up Granblue Fantasy Versus digitally, you will also have a couple of unique options. The Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Pass Set comes with the Color Pack DLC, theme and avatars as well as a unique Lobby Avatar and the game’s Character Pass that will net you access to its five DLC fighters. This version of the game will cost $79.99. For $99.99, players can pick up Granblue Fantasy Versus Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes everything from the two aforementioned versions of the game.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be releasing for PS4 in the west come Q1 2020; hopefully, you now have a better idea of which version of the fighting game you want to pick up. If you want to learn more about it, check out our interview from E3 2019 and the gameplay trailer below.