Granblue Fantasy Versus Opens Up Closed Beta Applications with a New Trailer

Granblue Fantasy Versus Opens Up Closed Beta Applications with a New Trailer

Players around the world can try their luck to participate in Granblue Fantasy Versus' closed beta test.

Cygames opened up the registrations for Granblue Fantasy Versus‘ closed beta test on May 8. The applications are open until May 24, and the beta test will be held between May 31 and June 1. Players selected for the beta will be contacted via email starting May 21. You can find the dates with precise hours to convert in your timezone on the application page. A new trailer, a teaser for an upcoming Daigo vs Fuudo video, can be found below.

Cygames noted that this test is mainly to stress test the servers and check how Granblue Fantasy Versus‘ online would go with players from all over the world. As such, the beta test will have nearly none of the offline features present in the final game.


Granblue Fantasy Versus was announced back in December and is co-developed by Arc System Works. The game has the same beautiful 2D looking 3D that Arcsys introduced the world to with Guilty Gear Xrd. The game reflects Cygames’ wish to bring in new players to the original Granblue Fantasy, and to make Granblue Fantasy players try out a console game.

Character introduction trailers are regularly released by Cygames. Granblue Fantasy Versus might also release on PC at some point, but for now, Cygames focuses on polishing the console version.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will launch on PS4 worldwide sometime this year. Another new Granblue Fantasy game, Granblue Fantasy Relink, is also in development.