Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey DLC Launches April 28, Belial Revealed

Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey DLC features the fighter, two new quests, and an exclusive costume for the original Granblue Fantasy game.

Cygames and Arc System Works announced the final Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Pass 1 DLC Zooey releases April 28, 2020.

In the announcement video, the Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey DLC will include the playable fighter, lobby avatar, and star character icon based on the newest fighter. Two additional quests will be added, as well. As a bonus, purchasers will receive a serial code for an exclusive Zooey outfit for the original Granblue Fantasy. Additionally, the new Jewel Resort stage, and four bonus lobby avatars will be added to Granblue Fantasy Versus the same day.

The video also reveals that more chapters will be added to Granblue Fantasy Versus‘ RPG mode. Episodes 41-45 will release in Summer 2020 while Episodes 46-50 launch early 2021. These story updates do not require any previous DLC and will be free for all players.

The last bit of the video reveals Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Pass 2. Belial, one of the game’s antagonist, will be the first fighter to join and will be followed by five more. The first character is expected to release in Fall 2020.

Personally, I think Zooey looks like a pretty solid choice. While her attacks look short range, it looks like she makes up for it with her speed. Her dragon projectile also looks like a good way to keep anyone in check who may be rushing in or keeping their distance. I’ll definitely have to check out the new fighter, but I’ve found the most success with Katalina.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is available now for PS4 and PC. The first Character Pass, which comes with five fighters, is also available to purchase for $29.99. You can check out my review where I said, “Granblue Fantasy Versus is such an amazing fighting game. The mechanics are both intuitive and full of depth, making it a solid choice for both fighting game casuals and veterans.”

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