Granblue Fantasy Versus Sales Top 150,000 Two Days After Launch

Granblue Fantasy Versus sales are going well in only two days in Japan, but you also need to take into account fans who imported the game.

February 7, 2020

Granblue Fantasy Versus launched in Japan on PlayStation 4 on February 6. Cygames announced the game’s sales reached 150,00 copies sold, digital copies and physical copies included. Shoutout to our peers at Game’s Talk for pointing it out. Seeing it’s a fighting game, many people into Granblue Fantasy and anime fighters aficionados around the world imported the Japanese version.

As a reminder, Granblue Fantasy Versus is currently a PS4 exclusive, but Cygames told DualShockers in the past that ports aren’t ruled out, meaning it’ll probably come to PC at some point. This week’s Famitsu magazine also included an interview with Granblue Fantasy Versus Director Tetsuya Fukuhara, teasing new updates. He said a lot of stuff, so we’ll cover this in a separate article coming soon. DLCs characters were already revealed.


XSeed will bring Granblue Fantasy Versus west on March 3, 2020, and it’ll include an English dub. As a side note, March 3 is the same date Final Fantasy 7 Remake was supposed to come out. At least it is coming out, on April 10, unlike Uma Musume, a Cygames game with no release date I’m still waiting for. Hopefully, Uma Musume will actually release one day and won’t end up canceled.

PS4 action RPG Granblue Fantasy Relink has no release date either, but Cygames clearly explained why a few months ago, while showing us some awesome gameplay. We’ll hear more at the Granblue Fantasy 6th anniversary event in March.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will also be at Evo 2020 alongside Marvel Vs Capcom 2, one of my favorite Dreamcast games.

Iyane Agossah

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