Granblue Fantasy Versus Uncensored Costumes Guide -- Unlock Zeta and Metera Original Costumes

Original costumes unlocked!

If you are familiar with the Granblue Fantasy mobile game and looking forward to Granblue Fantasy Versus, you may have noticed changes to Zeta and Metera’s costumes. While subtle, it seems the alterations were made so that the costumes were less revealing in the fighting game. However, the unaltered costumes are unlockable, but you’ll need to play a few hours to use them. This Granblue Fantasy Versus uncensored costumes guide will help you unlock the original Zeta and Metera costumes.

What do the Granblue Fantasy Versus uncensored costumes look like?

As previously mentioned, the changes to Zeta and Metera’s costumes are pretty subtle. The main difference for both characters is their “armored” underwear is longer and less revealing. Specifically for Metera, there is actually a strap that holds her top on. Below are the photos of the default and uncensored costumes (from EventHubs).

How to unlock Zeta and Metera’s uncensored costumes

To unlock Zeta and Metera’s Granblue Fantasy Versus uncensored costumes, all you have to do is complete the RPG Mode story. Nothing more, nothing less. Depending on how you approach RPG Mode, it can take anywhere from four to eight hours to complete. The mode itself isn’t too difficult. Personally, the only mission I had legitimate trouble with was the final boss. Otherwise, it’s a stroll.

Once you’ve completed the story, the above screen should show, indicating that you have unlocked the “Original” costumes for Zeta and Metera.

How do you use the newly unlocked designs for Zeta and Metera?

Instinctually, you will probably attempt to change Zeta and/or Metera’s costume from the character select screen. After all, this is how you change the color of the costume. However, that is not the case.

As indicated on the unlock screen in the previous section, there is a Character Design setting in the System Settings menu. To use the newly unlocked costumes, you have to go to the Options menu, then select System Settings. It is the first option when you select the Options menu. In System Settings, there is a Character Design option that currently says “Granblue Fantasy Versus.” Simply press left or right to switch it to “Original.” The screens above are in the order, from left to right, and should be indicative of what you see when going through the menus.

The Zeta and Metera uncensored costumes should now be the default. You can use these costumes in the standard fighting modes, as well as RPG Mode.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is out right now for PS4. The PC version will be available via Steam on March 13. Our review will be up soon, but for now, here are my brief impressions of Arc System Works and Cygames’ new fighting game.

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