Granblue Fantasy Versus to Be Published by XSEED Games in North America

Granblue Fantasy Versus to Be Published by XSEED Games in North America

XSEED Games will be showing off more about the upcoming title from Cygames and Arc System Works at E3 2019.

XSEED Games will be publishing Cygames and Arc System Works’ Granblue Fantasy Versus overseas in North America. The Granblue series got its start as a prolific JRPG mobile game in Japan but has since started garnering popularity in the west due to Granblue Fantasy Versus and the more conventional JRPG Granblue Fantasy Relink. 

Yuito Kimura, Executive Director at Cygames said:

“We are working hard to bring our new fighting game set in the rich world of Granblue Fantasy to players in North America. We look forward to sharing more about our vision at E3 2019.”

Fans can likely expect to learn more about Granblue Fantasy Versus within the next week at E3 2019. Since its reveal, two additional characters have been added to the overall lineup, Ladiva, and Lowain.

As of right now, the game has a total of seven confirmed characters. Hopefully, we’ll get some more information about a potential release date as well in North America, and a couple more fighters wouldn’t hurt either.

XSEED Games has also published major Japanese titles like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Senran Kagura, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Akiba’s Beat and more.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be available on PS4 for the time being, but the team over at Cygames has expressed interest in a PC port. For more on the upcoming fighter, you can check out some official gameplay from a closed beta that was held just a few days ago. Additionally, you can expect our coverage of the game to drop some time within the coming days.