Granblue Fantasy Versus Introduces Fighters Zeta and Vaseraga, Boxart and Limited Edition Set Revealed

Granblue Fantasy Versus gets two new fighters added to the growing roster, as well as the reveal of the boxart and limited edition set.

Granblue Fantasy Versus gets a brand new trailer featuring Zeta and Vaseraga, partners who both work for an organization known as Society. They both have opposing personalities and fighting styles, yet get along quite well. You can see the difference in how they battle in the trailer below:


This fearless fighter belongs to Society, an association that hunts primitive beasts. She formed a contract with the seal weapon known as Spear of Arvess.

She and her partner Vaseraga are assigned various duties by the Society. The two often battle but fully trust each other. Perhaps the cheerful but stubborn character of Zeta and the unwavering calmness of Vaseraga make them such good partners. In addition to her fierce mid-range spear attacks that keeps foes at a distance, Zeta is skilled at ultra-fast aerial combat.


This towering Draph warrior belongs to Society as well. He formed a contract with the seal weapon known as the Great Scythe Grynoth.

His blade’s intimidating size and his immunity to pain sap enemies of their will to fight. His calm attitude and poor speech may make him feel unapproachable, but he is actually a gentle and kind person who always helps those in need. His indomitable spirit, raw physical strength, and inability to feel pain results in an overwhelmingly aggressive fighting style. It is recommended that the opponent approach with extreme caution.

The official boxart and limited edition set for Granblue Fantasy Versus has also been revealed through Japanese site Game’s Talk:

Granblue Fantasy Versus releases for PS4 on February 6, 2020. Meanwhile check out the character trailers for Metera, Percival, Lowain, and Ladiva among others. You can also read our interview with Cygames’ Kenichiro Takaki to discuss the response to Granblue Fantasy Versus‘ beta and more.

In other interesting news, the team working on another title for the franchise — Granblue Fantasy: Relink — is now as big as when Platinum Games worked on the game and it still growing.

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