Grand Strategy Game Realpolitiks Getting a Demo February 9

Grand Strategy Game Realpolitiks Getting a Demo February 9

Jujubee and 1C Company announced today that their grand strategy game Realpolitiks will be getting a free demo on February 9.

The game’s demo will be available through Steam and 1C Publishing’s Website. The developers provided the following overview for the demo:


Players will jump into the turmoil of today’s politics on the side of one of two countries – Germany, the most industrialized and populous country of Europe, home of numerous technological and economic achievements, facing many odds and hard decisions as the EU’s leading power; or Russia, the world’s largest country in terms of surface area, striving to regain its former superpower glory and bearing the scars of Soviet collapse. The demo will offer scenarios designed specifically for a quick introduction to the choices and possibilities players are likely to face in Realpolitiks.

You can watch the most recent gameplay trailer for the game below. Realpolitiks is releasing on PC February 16.