Grand Strategy RTS Medieval Kingdom Wars Is Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Reverie World Studios has announced that it's time for Medieval Kingdom Wars to launch on Steam Early Access. The team believes community feedback will be crucial to the game's final product.

Reverie World Studios has announced the imminent release of its ‘Grand Strategy’ RTS Medieval Kingdom Wars on Steam Early Access. Specifically, the game will be arriving at 2:00 pm on June 9.

In Medieval Kingdom Wars players will visit some of medieval history’s most infamous sieges as a minor European lord. Reverie World Studios promises that through its grand strategy gameplay, players will have the opportunity to alter the world’s events. You’ll need to build cities, wage wars, and serve your king in this historically accurate, real-time environment if you want your chance at rewriting history in your favor.

Konstantin Fomenko, CEO of Reverie World Studios, believes that Medieval Kingdom Wars is now in the right stage of development to bring to Steam Early Access. He believes that the Steam community will be influential in how the game progresses.

“Now that Medieval Kingdom Wars has a solid foundation in place, […] We think that the time is right to get the Steam community involved. Over the following months, we will work together, and your combined player feedback will determine what the team works on, and what features we add.”

Reverie World Studios is an independent studio based in Toronto, Canada. They operate with the mentality of creating “Games for Gamers, by Gamers.” The developer has been responsible for previous games Kingdom Wars and Kingdom Wars II: Battles.

Right now, early access to Medieval Kingdom Wars is available from the game’s official website. If you’d like some more information about this title, you can also visit the Steam page.

Below is a recently released developer diary for the game. Reverie World Studios says that the video includes pre-alpha footage and is not representative of the final product.

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