Grand Theft Auto 6 is Reportedly Early into Development at Rockstar

Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to be the next major project that Rockstar Games is looking to tackle.

Following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 back in 2018, it was assumed that developer Rockstar Games would inevitably next begin working on a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. While such an announcement hasn’t yet formally occurred from Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive, a new report that has today come about confirms that a new GTA title is indeed on the way.

In a new article from Kotaku that focuses on the current work culture at Rockstar, it was said that the developer’s next game is indeed that of a new Grand Theft Auto. The assumedly-titled Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to still be very early into development at Rockstar, however, meaning that a release anytime soon might be out of the question.

The report does go on to state that Rockstar is reexamining how it develops games though in an effort to ease crunch at the studio. One idea that is mentioned specifically is to release a more “moderately sized” game (which in this case would be Grand Theft Auto 6) and then expand on that title over time via new content updates and added features. Whether this will be the form that GTA6 does indeed take remains to be seen, but if it does come about, then we might not have to wait another five years between Rockstar releases again as was the case with GTA5 and RDR2.

More importantly, Kotaku also notes that these changes in how the developer is looking to operate have helped convince some who were planning to previously leave the studio to now stay on with the development of GTA6. Largely, it sounds like working conditions at the company have improved following the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. “The changes have been good enough for me to stay and give them a chance but let’s see what happens down the road when the pressures of delivering a final product become reality,” said one anonymous employee in the report.

All in all, knowing that Rockstar is indeed working on Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t a shock whatsoever, but it’s nice to have some sort of confirmation. Considering Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 110 million copies to date, it seemed obvious that both Rockstar and Take-Two would be eager to again try to return to that well and bring in even more, massive sales.

We likely won’t hear official word about Grand Theft Auto 6 for quite some time, but whenever it does end up getting revealed, it’ll surely be headed to next-gen platforms in the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long to see what Rockstar has up its sleeve with this franchise moving forward.

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