Grand Theft Auto 6 should use this classic map location

February 12, 2022

Grand Theft Auto 6 should return to the city of London for one very simple reason.

Rockstar Games remains one of the most famous and most-liked studios that handle single-player experiences. And with Grand Theft Auto 6 finally announced, gamers are now wondering what it will contain.

One of the big questions is where the game will be set and what era it will base its story in.

These are important factors, as they will affect everything, from the vehicles you can drive, to the narrative options and overall aesthetic style of the game.

But while it seems almost impossible for Rockstar Games to base its next big title anywhere outside of the United States, there is still another way for them to include more unique locations.


London Calling

With the launch of GTA 5 in 2013, Rockstar Games created a prologue that took place in a completely different location to the sunny world of San Andreas. The first mission was set in 2004 in Ludendorff, North Yankton, with a snowy landscape providing a completely different taste to the full game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 did something similar with the island of Guarma, a tropical location off of Cuba that boasted its own map and missions. And with those locations in mind, it seems a perfect excuse for Rockstar Games to bring back a classic GTA location that appears to have little chance of becoming the primary focus of any new game.

Grand Theft Auto: London was technically an expansion pack for the original game that required PlayStation owners to flip between discs to play. Launched back in 1999, the spin-off was set in 1969 and included everything from Red DoubleDeckers to local characters to work for.

It would be a great callback for older fans to enjoy but would also serve another essential purpose in the world of Grand Theft Auto. While GTA Online has blunted its effect, the modern Grand Theft Auto franchise has always included a certain level of satire of American culture.

Grand Theft Auto is famous for its mind-blowing open sandbox design and the level of freedom available to the player. But that world is also filled with jokes and images that make it a place you want to explore and experience.

Both GTA IV and GTA V have proved popular in this regard, and it seems paramount that this continues within the next game. And with the wait being so long for GTA 6, it would provide the perfect chance to offer something fresh that hasn’t been used in the series for a long time.

New jokes could be incorporated into the experience, like back in 1999, with gamers being told they were “Brown Bread” over the usual death screen. And with Grand Theft Auto: London being such an old game, there would be tons of new ways to make things even more satirical.

Are You Having a Bubble Bath?

No one expects Rockstar to base everything in a faraway city, but adding a slice of London to the game could help push GTA 6 past what GTA 5 achieved. And that is something the CEO of parent company Take-Two Interactive has talked about recently, highlighting that each new game has done better than the previous.

“Each iteration for all of our successful franchises at this company, all of them, has always done better than the one before,” Strauss Zelnick told IGN.

“I’m not saying that’ll happen again, I’m not saying that’s guaranteed, but that’s certainly our goal.”

We still don’t know when GTA 6 will be available to play, but we hope that when it does arrive, it includes enough unique content to make it another milestone in the franchise’s long and star-studded history.

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